Painter. Teacher. Art Curator. SPIRITUAL PRACTITIONER.

Artist Statement

Art of Katie Rose RainbowMaker

“Visionary Art is a transformative experience for both artist and viewer.  The creations themselves have channeled healing energy, prayer, and spirit into our lives for over 40,000 years.  It is the divine expression of human consciousness and dialogue between the seen and unseen worlds.” 

Katie Rose is an international artist born in North Dakota, United States in 1987. Living her life traveling, finding herself in nature and exploring ancient culture and the eclectic, she loves learning.  After receiving a full ride scholarship for young leaders in 2005, she studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design, ultimately traveling on to receive  Art Education, Art History, and Studio Art degrees, along with Museum Operations and Gallery Practices certification at Humboldt State University in 2011.  While working at an international art gallery, Global Village, she completed her Masters Degree in Divinity from the University of Metaphysical  Sciences and is currently offering her services as a spiritual practitioner to her communities.  She teaches painting and metaphysical workshops to all ages and all experience levels at a variety of locations.

Katie Rose has studied shamanic methods and journeywork with anthropologist and writer Hank Wesselman since 2014.  In the summer of 2016 and 2018, she attended a Mischtechnik Seminar hosted by the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in Torri, Italy, studying with visionary artists Amanda Sage, Kuba Ambrose, Adam Scott Miller, Laurence Caruana, Florence Menard, Vera Atlantia, Daniel Mirante and along side many other gifted artists.  Her biggest influences are her close mentors, Amanda Sage and Joe Bob Merrit who she assists with multiple classes and projects. Ancient art forms like petroglyphs, hieroglyphs also inspire Katie Rose as she is intrigued by the diversity of Human Culture and how it is expressed through creativity. 

Katie Rose RainbowMaker currently resides in the Redwood forests of Northern California curating the Historic Eagle House BallRoom, practicing Sound Healing and painting illuminated mystic stories.  Much of Katie Rose’s work is inspired by the spirit world, ancestral wisdom, life initiations, and healing experiences.  She is a prolific creator of multiple mediums but her true passion is  painting, delving into the depths and seeing herself as a paintbrush warrior.  Katie Rose RainbowMaker incorporates magic into her daily life, relationships and artworks. 

“I believe its important to bring these images to our reality and existence because they want to change the world around them, they raise the vibration of our consciousness as we accelerate into the future.  Often my artworks are tools which hold space, increase the frequency, or emanate the energy of love itself.  I hope viewers further seek their journey of wisdom when their eyes connect.”   

-Katie Rose RainbowMaker

'She is Creator' 2017
 Ink, Acrylic, Casein, Oil

'She is Creator' 2017 Ink, Acrylic, Casein, Oil