Painter. Teacher. Art Curator. SPIRITUAL PRACTITIONER.

About Katie Rose RainbowMaker


'Blossoming White Tara' 2016 Misctechnik on Canvas Panel

-Bachelor of Arts in 

Art Education, Art History, Studio Art  & Metaphysical Sciences.  

-Art Museum Operations & Gallery Practices Certificate 

-Masters of Divinity

-Ordained Minister

-19+ years of training in Oil Painting

Art Curator of Historic Eagle House BallRoom at the Inn at 2nd & C

Eureka, CA

Art Curator for the Grove Stage at Northern Nights Music Festival 2019

Piercy, CA

Assistant for Amanda Sage 

Painting Workshops

Mixtek & Mystics 2018 

South Main, Gunnison, CO

Visions in the Mischtechnik Summer Seminar 2018

Vienna Academy of Visionary Art,

Torri , Italy

Painting with Light Masterclass 2018

CoSM  by Alex & Allyson Grey 

Wappingers Falls, New York

Painting With Light in the Jungle 2019 & 2020 

Punta Mona Permaculture Center, Manzanilla, Costa Rica 

Mixtek & Mystics 2019

CoSM  by Alex & Allyson Grey 

Wappingers Falls, New York



Katie Rose RainbowMaker is an Internationally Exhibiting Visionary Painter, Performer, Teacher, Art Curator and Spiritual Practitioner who lives in Humboldt County, California.

As an Allegorist, she incorporates storytelling and symbolism, archeoastronomy, dreams, and mystical experiences into the discovery process of art making. Inspired by the cosmos, sound, light, spirit and community; her style is joyous, vibrant and invoking. 

As a high school graduate, Katie Rose, was awarded a full scholarship for young leaders from the Daniels Fund, and went on to achieve her Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Art Education, Studio Art and Metaphysics along with her Masters in Divinity.  She has been oil painting for over 19 years and continues her studies with contemporary visionary artists like Amanda Sage and Alex & Allyson Grey.  

Katie Rose sees visionary painting as a type of art that is instilled with spirit- considering the transcendental aspect as inseparable from the nature of human consciousness through out time and space.

Katie Rose RainbowMaker exhibits her work in galleries, performs as a live artist at venues and transformative festivals, and teaches painting workshops in a variety of locations to all ages and experience levels. 

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